SPECIAL REPORT: Are minijobs a solution for Europe?

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano | Europeans never stop listening to ideas for economic reforms. One potentially successful option, with support from Europe’s leading institutions for smaller economies, is the ¨minijob¨.

But are these atypical jobs the solution to move Spain’s 26 percent unemployment rate closer to Germany’s 5 percent?

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The Human Costs of the Crisis (OECD)

THE CORNER TEAM | The economic crisis has inflicted devastating damage on the population: there are 15 million more unemployed people in OECD countries than in 2007. Relative poverty is on the rise. Young people are increasingly dependent on their families. Life satisfaction and citizens confidence in the political system has plummeted, mostly in Greece, Italy and Spain. This is the OECD X-Ray of the challenges ahead.

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European Youth Unemployment is Out of Control

Via Presseurop | Young Europeans won’t enjoy any favorable job perspectives before at least 18 months. As we can see in the last OECD report, the end of the crisis is not here yet. In some countries such as Greece and Spain, unemployment of the under 35 is above 60 percent.


Is Spain’s risk premium being exaggerated? Yes, say the big companies

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | Report and counter-report, this seems to be the general trend in talking about the Spanish economy’s health. Wednesday it was the CEEC’s occasion to present a report. The nation-wide competitiveness council integrated by presidents of the big Spanish multinationals assured that “expected losses in the the banking sector are limited. Since 2007, the industry has assumed €190 billion of them, including implications from last…

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More Anglo-Saxon bankers should go to jail, says OECD’s William White

MADRID | Former colleagues at the Bank of England will read with some sense of shock what William White told the Spanish financial newspaper Expansión during an interview with one of its editors, Miquel Roig. Or perhaps not. After all, as Roig points out in today’s edition, “‘Central bankers are a strong brotherhood of mutual admiration,’ former ECB president Jean Claude Trichet used to say. William White was the one who dared…

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The OECD gives a warning to Germany

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | Every country in Europe is holding up against the neverending financial crisis as Germany does, but the country ‘cannot rest on its oars’ in order to keep its role as Europe’s biggest economy. This is the major conclusion from the latest Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s economic survey of German, published in Berlin on Tuesday. It is true that Germany’s strength and economic…