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The ECB Increases Its Emergency Purchases By 54% In The Week Of Germany’s Constitutional Court Ruling

Just a few weeks before the ECB’s key meeting (4th June), Lagarde has responded to Germany with the biggest weekly purchase since the start of the pandemic: 44 billion euros, 54% higher than the weekly average since April. Furthermore, Olli Rehn affirmed that the German Constitutional Court’s ruling could have an impact on the central banks’s ability to exercise its price stability mandate.

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Olé, Katainen

MADRID | The Corner | New Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Jyrki Katainen –Finnish, as his predecessor Olli Rehn- has pledged pure orthodoxy about the European Stability Pact. In an interview with German daily Die Welt, Finland’s former Prime Minister and now one of the most powerful men in the EU ruled out speculations about creative interpretations of the fiscal framework. Mr Katainen is the same who, during the worst moment of the crisis (Aug 2012), asked Greece and Spain for collateral in exchange for aid and reckoned that some peripherals were introducing major structural reforms that were “simply not being recognized in the market.”

Olli Rehn

The outrageous salaries of Eurocrats

MADRID | By José Hervás | European commissioners and top officials can receive up to 70% of their salary when they retire, which in most cases translate into more than €10,000 per month.

olli rehn

The austerity Apostle’s conversion

MADRID | Something is moving in the EU. Those who up to now advocated doses of further austerity to cure Euro zone ailments, start faltering at the huge damage inflicted on the economy.