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Peripheral Europe’s bond rally might soon come to an end

MADRID | The Corner | Peripheral equities and bonds have been strongly favored by Draghi’s speech last Friday at Jackson Hole with intense improvements in sovereign credits from Portugal, Spain and Italy, which have reached record lows. In particular, Spain’s 10-year bonds yields are at 2.12% under the 2.38% of comparable U.S. Treasuries and especially today the Spanish Treasury has reduced sharply the interest rates of three- and nine-months bills in an auction of € 3,500 million at historical lows, without entering in negative territory like on the secondary market. Nevertheless, UBS strategists are starting to change their bullish view on peripheral Europe basing on market and fundamental arguments.

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Stimulus desync

MADRID | The Corner | While the US Federal Reserve may wind back its asset purchases by a further $US10 billion at the end of July, the ECB is ready to launch the first two TLTROs on 18 September and 11 December 2014, with settlement six days later. 



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The forging of a UK-Nordic-Baltic bloc

By James Kilcourse, researcher at the Institute of International and European Affairs | Has the UK successfully forged an alliance with other “awkward partners” of Brussels? If the situation in the EU’s southern periphery deteriorates further, the ideas that emerge from the annual Northern Future Forum may become ever more influential.