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Spaniards In Severe Poverty Rises From 4 Million To 6 Million

In Spain, four million people were living in severe poverty in 2018. Now there are more than six million. According to the Caritas and Foessa Foundation report, the impact of the pandemic is “devastating” and more than 11 million people now live in a situation of “social exclusion”. By contrast, the number of households without such problems, which totalled 49.3% in 2018, has declined to 41.2%. “There has been a…

spain poverty oxfam

Wage Inequality And Poverty Effects Of Lockdown And Social Distancing In Europe

Juan C. Palomino, Juan G. Rodríguez, Raquel Sebastian (ICAE) | Lockdown measures are likely to worsen cohesion in Europe both between countries and, especially, within countries. Our decomposition exercise shows that between-countries inequality will increase in Europe between 2.5% and 4.0%, while within-countries inequality will increase between 5.0% and 12.1%. In general, we find a greater increase of both poverty and inequality in Eastern and Southern Europe than in Northern and Central Europe.

spain poverty oxfam

Poverty In Spain Could Rise By More Than 1.1 M People Due To The Pandemic, Warns Oxfam Intermon

The socio-economic consequences of the pandemic could increase the number of people living in poverty in Spain by more than 1.1 million if no further measures are taken, according to new estimates by Oxfam Intermón. With this increase, the total number would reach 10.9 million people, rising from 20.7% of the population before COVID-19 to 23.07% after the impact of the pandemic. At an international level, the organization highlights that for the first time in 20 years, extreme poverty will increase.

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Eurostat: 27 in every 100 Spaniards at Risk of Poverty

MADRID | By A. R. Mendizabal via Capitalmadrid | Total figures pile up, percentages keep on rising, the country level moves down… The statistical office of the European Union, Eurostat, certifies that 27% of Spaniards are currently living at risk of poverty and social exclusion –which means one out of four citizens.