China's economy slows

China as Responsible Stakeholder or Just ‘Guest’?

Via Caixin | By Miriam L. Campanella | Media outlets have published news that based on a World Bank report China’s economy will be the world’s largest in terms of purchasing parity power (PPP) by the end of 2014. Yet, China itself did not welcome the news. The World Bank included a note in its report that the country’s National Bureau of Statistics contested the methodology and rebuffed the report. The Financial Times even reported how China tried to convince World Bank analysts not to use the data. “China wanted to throw this out,” one source said.

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Cooperation: the European Union is out of step, Spain is out of control

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | The European Union disbursed €52.97 billion on Official Development Aid (ODA) in 2011, which was €490 million less than the previous year, as well as €15.4 billion less than the amount that could be invested if member States would have remained faithful to their commitment of devoting 0.7% of their Gross National Income (GNI) to these matters by 2015. Instead, most of the EU…