right to be forgotten


GDPR: Europe continues to wrestle with the long arm of American law

European Views | In a landmark decision, the European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that “the right to be forgotten”, one of the core data privacy protections enshrined in the EU’s flagship General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), only applies to search results inside the European bloc. The ruling has reassured those worried that the right to be forgotten constitutes an extension of European law beyond the EU’s borders.


EU rules against Google in ‘right to be forgotten’ case

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | The EU highest court backing the right to be forgotten has taken Google by surprise. The Internet giant cannot longer refuse to erase personal information of citizens who request it. The sentence, which is setting a crucial precedent in the history of the Web, has raised an intense debate about censorship and the boundaries of tech giants. From now on, no matter how powerful online providers are, in EU soil they will need to comply with European law unless they have “legitimate” reason to do otherwise.