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Road Maintenance Firms Demand To Compensate The Price Increase In Construction Materials

The Association of Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation Companies, (ACEX, in its Spanish acronym) demands that the Government approve price review mechanisms for new contracts for road maintenance services, as is already being applied by the Ministry of Transport and all its related public companies, the newspaper reports today. It also demands that it also introduces compensation formulas for projects that are already underway, as the Executive intends to establish…

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UK roads’ privatisation would attract bids from Spanish companies

LONDON/MADRID | Financial analysts in Madrid agreed in their notes to investors on Tuesday that the UK Coalition government’s intention of privatising part of the road network of the country is a subject of major interest for Spanish infrastructure and construction companies. Banesto Bolsa experts described the decision as a clear ‘opportunity’ for Spanish firms, some of which already have a vast presence in the British transport services sector, namely…