Road Maintenance Firms Demand To Compensate The Price Increase In Construction Materials

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The Association of Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation Companies, (ACEX, in its Spanish acronym) demands that the Government approve price review mechanisms for new contracts for road maintenance services, as is already being applied by the Ministry of Transport and all its related public companies, the newspaper reports today. It also demands that it also introduces compensation formulas for projects that are already underway, as the Executive intends to establish and as some Administrations are applying in the case of works in progress.

ACEX includes, through its subsidiaries, construction companies such as Acciona, FCC, Sacyr, OHLA, Comsa, Pavasal, Becsa or the French Vinci and Eiffage, the Spanish investment fund Portobello – with Ferrovial Servicios – has 75.01% and Ferrovial holds 24.99% . Also the specialized firms such as Elsamex or Aceinsa, among others, are part of the association.

Many of them, therefore, coincide in their demands due to the impact of the price increase both in the works and in the maintenance service contracts. Raw materials have experienced an unprecedented increase since 2020. Aluminum has increased by 60%, bituminous materials by 45% and plastics by 47%. All of these are key for the maintenance and construction of national highways, forcing companies to incur significant cost overruns in the significant cost overruns on project.

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