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How Much Trade Support Can Russia Find In China?

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | Given the delicate situation in Ukraine and the US imposition of sanctions on Russia, followed by the European Union (EU), it seems important to assess how much Russia can rely on China as a trading partner. Although trade between the EU and Russia has lost some steam since Putin’s “Pivoting to the East” announced during his 2021 campaign and the sanctions imposed in 2014 due…

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Russia: Where Macron and Trump agree

Shaun Riordan | We do not usually think of France´s dapper, sophisticated young president, the last hope of European liberal elites, pursuing the same objectives as America´s ageing and overweight bully, the sworn enemy of liberal internationalism. But both Macron and Trump agree on the need to end the conflict in Ukraine and re-integrate Russia into the international community.

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Russian market: Winter is coming

MADRID | By Sean Duffy and Ana Fuentes | Growth is stagnant, sanctions are biting, and Russian investors are getting the cold-shoulder on international markets. So where does the country go from here? The Corner wanted to get a glimpse at market conditions on the ground and the overall sentiment within the country. 

We spoke to Alexander Pechersky, a managing partner from ALT R&C, a firm specialising in advice to investors in the Russian market. In a frank interviewhe cautions against placing too much stock in the effects on sanctions, noting that the economy was a mess to begin with.