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The Mask Scandal Deserves A “Forensic”

Fernando González Urbaneja | Amongst the characteristics of advanced democracies, in addition to clean and regular voting, the separation of powers, the existence of a militant public opinion, i.e. with independent and critical media… there is also a system of accountability, of explaining the actions of the government to the citizens. For example, on the succession of scandals linked to the urgent and disorderly purchases of health equipment to deal…

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Barclays’ Spanish division under suspicion over dividend tax fraud

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | Problems for Barclays are multiplying. Added to the Libor scandal in the United Kingdom and the United States, it has been revealed on Monday morning that the Spanish ministry of Finance is performing a fiscal investigation on the bank’s national subsidiary practices of dividend or coupon tax fraud. According to the daily Expansion, which has the scoop, Barclays Capital would have started to avoid…