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Senate votes today on new Securities Market Law, CNMV also looks at approving Investors Code

F.R. | The plenary session of the Senate is scheduled to debate and vote on the draft Securities Markets and Investment Services Act by urgent procedure. It is expected that the new regulation will be approved without major changes to the text published last September in the Official Gazette of the Spanish Parliament (BOCG). According to the sources consulted, the bill could return to Congress for examination and approval of…

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ESMA unveils strategy for next five years

F. Rodríguez | The European Securities and Markets Authority, (ESMA), has presented the broad outlines of its strategy for the period 2023-2028, which will have three priorities: “promoting the efficiency and stability of EU markets”, “strengthening retail investor protection” and achieving these two objectives by “reinforcing supervision”. Sustainability and innovation in technology and data processing will be the two “key drivers” in the functioning of the organisation. As part of…