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Spain’s 5G Spectrum Auction In The 700 MHz Band Closes At €1.01 Bn, 1.5% Over Starting Price

Operators will pay 1.01 billion euros, 1.5% more than the starting price of 995 million euros, for the 4 large blocks, 2×10 MHz, while the 3 small blocks, 2×5 MHz, were left without bids. Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange were awarded the licences, while MásMóvil did not bid. Telefónica was awarded block 1 and will pay 310 million euros (starting price 270 million euros), Vodafone block 2 and will pay 350 million euros and Orange was awarded blocks 3 and 4 paying 350 million euros. Vodafone’s and Orange’s blocks were awarded at the starting price.


Spain Will Auction Frequencies For 5G For A Minimum Of €1.17 Bn

Last week the government published the terms and conditions for the 5G auction to be held in Q1 21. Eight frequency blocks (700 MHz) will be bid on with a total starting price of 1,170 million euros, a one-off payment and a 20-year usage period. Obligations of 100% coverage are established for populations of more than 20,000 inhabitants in a period of 3 years, equivalent to providing service to 70% of the population. In addition, coverage will have to be given to highways, freeways and high-speed train stations.

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The Spanish Government Will Auction 5G In May

In May, the Spanish government will hold an auction for the 700 megahertz (Mhz) frequency band scheduled for this year, 2020, in order to complete the release of the spectrum needed for the mass deployment of the new 5G mobile technology before June 30.