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Eight Spanish banks brands amongst the 500 most valued worldwide

Spanish financial sector reduces its assets

J.L.M. Campuzano (AEB) | The total assets of the Spanish financial system amounted to 4.7 trillion euros at the end of 2017, almost four times GDP. In 2012 it exceeded 5.2 trillion euros.

Private debt in Spain is adjusting

The Process Of Private Debt Adjustment In Spain May Be Nearing An End

Financial institutions, companies and households have continued to adjust the debt accumulated in the first half of the year. In the case of non-financial companies and households, their level of debt is increasingly closer to the European average, against a backdrop of greater economic growth and preference for home ownership.

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Spain’s banks no longer main players in property market

F.Barciela /F. G. Ljubetic | If the banks are still the protagonists in terms of granting mortgages to private individuals, another thing is new developments where their role is decreasing. Burned by what happened in the past, the banks are looking very closely, and selectively, at each new development proposal. This has meant that in the last few years alternative financing formulas have emerged which property developers are using to push ahead with their projects.

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Spanish Banking Sector Smiles Again Thanks to 2013 Business Results

MADRID | By Francisco López | The new season for presenting results starts this week with much better expectations than in previous years. After two years recording negative results in Spain, most market watchers consider that 2013 allowed the return to positive figures thanks to cost reductions, the increase in financial operations, the low interest margin and a lower impact on the accounts of the harsh restructuring process started in 2009.

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Spanish Banking Sector, the Most Tested in the World

MADRID | By Francisco López | In recent times there has not been any other banking sector as closely tested as the Spanish. However, despite the continuing ‘streap-tease’ of different financial institutions, the big international investors do not fully trust in the health of the Spanish banking sector.

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Spain’s banking industry is no loser

MADRID | As 3 out of 4 entities will be sold to solvent banks, buyers will get a real bargain in the ensuing merger process. But then, Bankia is still here.

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Brussels poised to axe Spanish ailing banks

MADRID | For all the efforts they undertake to reinforce their solvency and profitability, troubled banks are not likely to survive unless they merge into solid groups. But economist JP Marín Arrese wonders if public money to maintain them artificially alive should not be entitled to a better use.