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Can A Public Electricity Company Be The Solution To Rising Electricity Prices?

Public companies are more common in Europe than might a priori be imagined. Countries such as France and Italy, as well as Austria, Sweden and Finland, are good examples of European states with extensive public participation in their respective energy giants. Particularly relevant is the French case, where EDF (with almost 85% state ownership) enjoys a great popular reputation for guaranteeing electricity services to the most remote corners of the country. In the Spanish case, by contrast, the State’s shareholding is limited to 20 % in Red Eléctrica de España, the company that manages the energy transmission infrastructure and therefore has no direct impact on the price of electricity.


EDP And Macquarie Create A New Competitor In Spain’s Renewable Energy Sector

Banco Sabadell | Portugal’s EDP and Australia’s fund Macquarie have created a joint venture to acquire Spain’s Viesgo, the country’s fourth largest electricity company. EDP is acquiring Viesgo’s 500 MW of renewable assets for 615 million euros. As a result, EDP will hold 75.1% of the capital of the new Viesgo and Macquarie will hold the remainder. This new company would have been valued at 2.7 billion euros. Although a priori the creation of a new stronger competitor could mean pressure on the sector, we think it will have little impact since the greatest competitive pressures in the energy sector come from the commercialization leg.


Too Many Unresolved Issues For New Spanish Energy Minister

Energy sector analysts have received Spain’s new Energy Minister with a sense of satisfaction, pointing out that most of the electricity reform has been implemented, although there are a few aspects still to be regulated. This is too simple a version coming from a sector accustomed to having a low profile. And one which, despite the latest modifications, charges Spaniards one of the most expensive electricity tariffs in Europe, according to Eurostat.

Regulators veto gas interconnection project between France and Spain

France Meddles In Spain’s European Energy Plans

Spain has been trying to push ahead with two projects which are vitally important for its energy sector: the sale of gas and electricity (basically renewables) to the EU. With practically no positive results to date. In 2012, an agreement was reached with France and Brussels to increase the electricity and gas interconnections with Europe via the Pyrenees. But in spite of that, and the fact the money is already ready there, the investments required are taking much more time to materialise than they should.