Spain financing capacity

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Spain’s financing capacity at minimal levels

Bankia Estudios |  Although the Spanish economy continued generating financing capacity, it finds itself on a downward trend, burdened by the deterioration of the external environment, so that it closed last year at post 2014 lows (1.5% of GDP). The correction of the public deficit has been amply compensated for by the deterioration in the financial position of the private sector, above all of households which, with savings rate at historical lows, have registered financing needs for for the second consecutive year.

Household savings rate at historical lows

Spanish Household Savings Rate At Historical Lows

The Spanish economy capacity for financing abroad has contracted in annual terms to 2015 lows, points Bankia Estudios, in the process undermining the process of deleveraging when global indebtedness still remains at excessive levels.In the case of households, even if disposable income has seen a big increase as a result of the recovery in wages, the greater rhythm in consumption has led to a new fall in savings.