spain public debt/GDP

Does the 2019 Budget benefit the Spanish economy?

The Upward Manipulations In Spanish GDP Accounting

We have seen how the public debt figures are being manipulated downward, and now we’re going to see how there are also manipulations in Spanish GDP, but this time they are upward. From this we can infer that the ratio of debt/GDP, which is a crucial figure for the health of any economy, is seriously undervalued.


Catalonia effect on Spain economy

Spain’s Mantra On Public Finances: Adjust Spending To Income

The figures in Spain are stubborn and worrying. Public debt will exceed 100% of GDP in 2016 and the deficit is not keeping pace with commited goals. So Spain’s public finances are a potential source of future instability, which the country cannot permit given that its external debt is close to 170% of GDP.