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Spain Will Close 2021 With A Record Number Of Homes Sold: 640,000

According to the newspaper “El Español”, the Spanish real estate market could close 2021 with 640,000 home sales, of which 75,000 units would come from the new construction market, and 565,000 units from the second-hand market, according to Colliers. Over 30% more than in 2020 and 9% more than in 2019. “2021 will be the year with the most sales in the last decade,” says Ferran Font, director of research…

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The Housing Stock in Spain Is Worth €4.1 Bn, Over Three Times GDP

The housing stock in Spain would be estimated at 4.1 billion euros in the hypothetical case that all the homes were now on the market, which is a figure over three times higher than national GDP (1.2 billion). This is according to a study by the real estate website Idealista, in which all the houses recorded in the property register are valued at current prices.

Property investment In Spain rose by 9% in 2017

Real Estate Investment In Spain Could Grow By 25% In 2021

Intermoney | Real estate investment in Spain should increase by up to 25% this year compared to 2020, says a report by CBRE. So investment would be some €12 Bn in 2021, not including corporate operations like the purchase of Quabit by Neinor. However, CBRE expects uncertainty will remain during the first part of the year at the expense of progress in the pandemic vaccination process. Areas such as rental housing, logistics, and other assets such as student and nursing homes are expected to remain on the rise.

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Neinor Homes And Rival Quabit Revolutionise Real Estate Industry: Create Spain’s Second Largest Group

Banca March | The Neinor group yesterday announced the absorption of its listed rival Quabit, creating a giant in the residential development sector. The group resulting from the merger will have a land portfolio with a gross value of some €2 Bn for the development of 16,000 homes. Also a gross development value of some €4.5 Bn. The operation will place Neinor behind Metrovacesa and Aedas in Spain’s real estate ranking. Metrovacesa has land valued at €2.626 Bn for the development of 36,000 homes, while Aedas has a land bank of approximately €2.16 Bn or 15,700 homes.

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Housing Prices in Spain Could Fall 6% In 2020

COVID-19 will result in a slowdown in housing transactions of -35% – up to 326.000 transactions in 2020, returning to minimal levels (2012 to 2014). Home buying decisions will be postponed by 6-12 months, and some of the demand will disappear for longer, producing a temporary imbalance between supply and demand.

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BofA: Consensus underestimating Merlin

Spanish real estate still has growth to deliver. Regardless of global economic slowdown, Brexit or trade tensions, we think the country’s competitive labour market should support one of the highest economic growth rates in Europe. Spanish GDP should grow at 1.7% pa over the next three years vs 1.1% in the Euro area, according to BofA economists.

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In Spain an adjustment can be expected but not a collapse of the housing market

C. Ocaña and R. Torres (Funcas) | After several years of recovery, Spain housing market shows signs of deceleration, opening a debate about whether this is the prelude to the outbreak of a new bubble. At present there is no real estate bubble in Spain and, therefore, the effects of the slowdown in the real estate sector itself and in the rest of the economy will be limited. In other words, in the current scenario, an adjustment can be expected but not a “flat tire” of the real estate sector.

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Small & Mid Caps: Neinor Homes, Hitting bottom

Sabadell | Neinor 8 April´s profit warning was undoubtedly a bucket of cold water, not just because it was unexpected (the consensus expected a lowering of targets), but also because of the scale of the cut (-50% of the Ebitda accumulated in 2019 and 2020). In this note we downgrade our objective price 13% to 13.86 euros/share because of the delay in the delivery plan and because of more conservative profitability hypotheses in the long term. Despite the cut in our O.P. we continue to see value in the share and maintain or recommendation of BUY.