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Spain Enters Technical Recession: GDP Falls 17.8% April-June And 21.5% Year-On-Year

The Spanish economy went into technical recession in the second quarter of the year after registering a 17.8% drop in GDP between April and June. This is the biggest quarterly fall in the National Statistics Institute (INE)’s historical series which began in 1970. That said, this decline has been less than was anticipated at end-July. At that point, and in the absence of some data, the INE estimated that GDP would have declined by 18.5% in the second quarter.

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Spain Ends 1H20 On The Verge Of Recession With Structural Reforms And Fiscal Changes On the Horizon

Yesterday, it was confirmed the historical collapse of Spanish GDP: it declined 5.2% until March due to Covid-19, its biggest quarterly fall recorded in the historical series. With a contraction of the activivity in the second quarter greater than that in the first taken for granted, Spain is facing a recession. In this context, the Bank of Spain argues that the only way to bring the country’s accounts back under control after the pandemic will be the combination of fiscal adjustment and structural reforms. 

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Spain: The Government Makes Sure Recession Turns Into Depression

A.J.A | Last Friday 27, after a cabinet meeting, the Spanish government issued a decree prohibiting companies from firing employees by “taking advantage of the coronavirus” (sic). with absurdities such as this one, it ensures that the recovery will not be in a V shape, or even in a U shape, but that the country will get into a prolonged crisis in L. 

Spain recession

Spain: the recession will arrive with the house broken

Fernando G. Urbaneja | The risk of recession is beginning to be seen in the data: in exports, as the outer circle of defence. If Germany sells less it also buys less; the powerful Spanish car components and machine tool industries are seeing a fall in orders and noting it is the time to cut back and not expand. Winter is coming and the house is not prepared.