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Spanish Regions Will Need More Than €35 Bn For Social Spending Until 2030

The pandemic has added pressure on the spending of the Autonomous Communities, which represents a third of the public spending of all administrations. Around 68% of this expenditure borne by the regions goes on basic social services: health (37%), education (24.5%) and social protection (6.5%), affected both by the current health crisis and by the long-term impact of the progressive ageing of the population on spending and the low birth rate on income. A study by Funcas outlines a possible scenario for regional social spending and identifies the headings that will be under the greatest upward pressure in the coming years.

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Spain Already Has A Budget For 2021, At Last

On Thursday, Parliament approved the 2021 Budget with the support of 11 parties and 188 votes, including Catalan and Basque separatists. Thus, the future of the new accounts, the first of the minority, left-leaning coalition government, is finally clear. They would come into effect on January 1, leaving behind those of 2018, drawn up by the previous PP government and still in force. The budgetary plan includes broad tax increases and the birth of the Tobin and Google taxes.