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Escrivá Forecasts A Rise In Social Security Enrolment In May Of 217,000 Contributors, The Third Best Figure In The Series

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, announced this Thursday that Social Security enrolment will increase by 217,000 people in May, “the third best figure in the historical series”. At the press conference to report on the fortnightly evolution of Social Security enrolment, Escrivá indicated that, in seasonally adjusted terms, May will see 37,000 more contributors. In his opinion, this data demonstrates the “enormous dynamism” that…


The Social Security Expects 36,000 New Affiliates In April And Already Exceeds 20 Million Contributors

The Social Security estimates that April will close with 36,000 more members and has already exceeded 20 million contributors so far this month, with a total of 20,057,588 members as of Thursday, 21 April. This is according to data presented by the Minister for Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, at a press conference this morning. Escrivá described the data as “very positive”, taking into account “the significant…

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20 Million People Working In Spain: A Real Opportunity?

Social Security registers a record high of 19,500,277 people affiliated in June in Spain, In addition, there are still 447,800 people affected by temporary layoffs. Infojobs conjectures that the trend of job creation will consolidate in the medium term. With Social Security enrollment at an all-time high and the European funds still to arrive, is a real opportunity 20 million people working in Spain?


Around 500 ERTES Now Affect More Than 1 Million Workers In Spain

The rapid spread of the coronavirus in Spain is sparking a decline in activity for many companies, beyond just the shops, bars and restaurants which have been forced to close. Some giants such as SEAT, Volkswagen or Burger King have announced that they are going to launch temporary layoffs (so called ERTEs) to deal with the situation. The Spanish government calculates that the extraordinary measures already activated could affect up to one million jobs.