Spain’s deflation

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Spain’s Warning Signs Of Japanisation- Shall We Buckle Up?

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Amid the debate on the euro zone’s eventual japanisation due to low inflation levels, we wonder if Spain could be the first member state with severe signs of this illness. Inflation is near 0% since six months ago and markets’ expectations suggest an average price index scarcely over 1% for next five years, and under 2% in a decade. Along with Portugal, Spain is the EU economy having more price indicators’ components in red year-on-year rates, namely 40% against 20% of Europe’s average. That means that 2 out of 3 goods in Spaniards’ shopping basket are affected by deflation. Although good for the country’s competitiveness, there is a risk in the process of public as well as private debt deleveraging.