Spain’s housing market

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Spanish housing market 180º turn

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | The wretched Spanish housing market has been giving timid but solid signs of recovery. Last data point to an investment increase of 60% to €4 bn which will mainly be led by international investors, as appraisers at Spanish Tinsa reported. Meanwhile, midcap Colonial symbolizes the falling as well as the revival of national property sector thanks to a new debt refinancing contract signed partly with sovereign funds and a capital increase entered by foreign investors.

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Spain’s housing market at cruise speed

MADRID | By The Corner Team | Spanish real state sector stands at its adjustment final stage is an oft-repeated mantra in the country’s analysts firms. After five years of hard recession,  some signs of slow recovery are increasingly growing. Last outstanding figure is year-on-year upturn of +59.2% in properties’ selling and buying in January, as reported by Spain’s General Council of Notaries.  National housing market would become an attractive investment opportunity again in 2014.