Spain’s public debt

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Spain’s Public Administrations Owe Their Suppliers 83.35 Billion Euros; And Do Not Comply With The Late Payment Law

T.C. | More than half of the debt, 43.5 billion, corresponds to the central administration, the government, while local councils owe almost 20 billion, the Autonomous Communities 10 billion and the Social Security another 10 billion. And nothing seems to indicate that these figures will improve in 2021. In breach of the law on late payment – which requires payment within 30 days – the central government was paying in January 2021 in almost 40 days. 

Spain's public debt

Spain’s public debt nears €Tr record- but still attracts investors

MADRID | By Francisco López | In the midst of the euro crisis, Spanish political leaders and some economists showed off about good figures of Spain’s public debt compared to Italy’s. Then, this indicator was a good example that reflected the strengh of national public finances. Now it has turned into a constraint, although fortunately investors do not doubt on the country’s ability to pay back.