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The limits on rental priceson renting could have the effect of reducing supply

The Government Includes Rental Limits In New Housing Law: Large Owners To Cut Prices In “Stressed Areas”

The Spanish government has unblocked the approval of the 2022 Budget through an agreement between the two coalition parties, PSOE and Podemos, on a new Housing Law that would intervene in rental prices. Although the formulation of the text that will be sent to Parliament is not yet known, among its main points will be the obligation for large owners – companies with more than 10 homes – to reduce rental prices in those areas defined as stressed on the basis of the reference price index of the Ministry of Transport. For their part, small holders will have to maintain prices, although they will be eligible for income tax benefits of up to 90% of the reductions they decide to make. the enforcement of these measures will depend on the autonomous communities and municipalities.

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The Spanish Government Will Invest €1 Bn In Social Rental Housing

Intermoney | The Government of Pedro Sánchez plans to invest €1,000 million euros from the European funds against the pandemic in the promotion of social rental housing. Specifically, they will use this amount to complete a portfolio of 20,000 social housing units, coordinated by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda.

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Mortgage Credit in Spain Continues To Fall: What Can Be Done?

Raimundo Poveda | Spanish banks must find somewhere to invest. Their retail credit, for now with a low level bad debts, has been growing at an accelerated rhythm for the last couple of years. But that is where the good news ends. Credit for house purchases, by far the most important component in household credit, and in all private sector credit, continues to fall (2.5% in 2017).

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Impact of Brexit on Spain’s housing sector recovery

CaixaBank Research | Spain’s property sector is on the up and up again, as can be seen from the trend in housing purchases over the last two years. These have been rising at double digit rates, fuelled by a recovery in the jobs market combined with favourable financial conditions.

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Can The Solid Recovery Of Spanish Property Market Be Sustainable?

J.L.M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | The current strong recovery of Spanish housing market has re-opened the debate about its sustainability. Some figures could support it is. According to last Bank of Spain’s data, the net wealth of the Spanish families is rising at 6.9% on a y-o-y basis. It currently exceeds 119.4 % of GDP. As regards to housing wealth, it now means 420% of GDP. Also a better financial position of families with a debt level at 63.4 % of GDP very near the European average.

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Why are UK home prices rising? Check the sector’s lack of capacity

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | The evolution of the UK’s real estate market is one of the major risks assessed by the BoE in recent months. In fact, the demand has gained great traction since 2013, backed by better credit lending conditions, the increase of confidence and the oficial program Help to Buy.