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Spanish Labour Market 2020: The Year Of Massive Destruction In Employment

Bankia Estudios | Last year ended with the loss of more than 100,000 Spanish companies, a fall of 360,105 Social Security affiliates – the first decline in seven years – and an increase of 724,532 unemployed. It must be added 755,613 workers under temporary lay-offs programs and 349,342 self-employed receiving extraordinary unemployment benefits; in other words, more than 1.1 million people who, although technically still considered employed, are not actually working or are working reduced hours.

Spain Unemployment Continued To Rise In May ; But The Figure Is Ten Times Lower Than In Last Two Months

The number of unemployed in Spain increased by 26,573 people in May, compared to 282,900 the previous month and -84,075 in May 2019. This is the worst May figure in recent years, but it is a vast improvement on previous months (up 282,000 in April and up 302,265 in March).This may be enough to raise some optimism in the Spanish labour market. The labour market data for May also reflects an increase of 97,462 people registered with Social Security compared to the previous month.

Spain Loses Almost 950,000 Jobs Since The Beginning Of The Coronavirus Confinement

The Social Security has lost 947,896 affiliates since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis and up to end-April, leaving the total number of contributors at 18.39 million. Meanwhile unemployment grew in these last two months by more than 585,000 people, exceeding 3.8 million unemployed. The Ministry of Labour has not included the almost 3.5 million Spaniards protected by a situation of total or partial suspension from work via temporary layoffs.

Coronavirus Shatters Spain’s All-Time Unemployment Rise Record: 302,365 People Lost Their Jobs in March

In the face of the economic slowdown due to the restrictive measures in place to stop the spread of Covid-19, Spanish companies laid off or terminated contracts for over 302,365 workers in March, which is more than 50% higher than the negative milestone of January 2009 (at the start of the last economic crisis) when there were almost 199,000 unemployed.This brought the total number of unemployed to 3.548.312. Finally, Spain’s labour market have lost 833,979 members up to March 31.

13% of Spanish employed people are searching another job, the highest rate in Europe

13% of Spanish Employed People Are Searching Another Job, The Highest Rate In Europe

Randstad, the leading human resources company in Spain and worldwide, has developed a study on the rate of employed people who are actively seeking another job. For this, it has analyzed the data of its last Workmonitor study corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2019, based on more than 13,500 surveys of working professionals from 33 countries

Spain has highest proportion of contracts of 6 months or less

Black Friday For Employment In Spain

This year the end of summer has not just been bad but really bad for the Spanish labour market. The number of unemployed in Spain increased in August by 47,047. To find a similar rise in August you have to go back to 2011. Also the number of people that signed up to social security fell by 202,996, the worse data for August since 2008. Finally, the day 31 August became the one when the most jobs were destroyed in history.

How to reduce job insecurity in Spain

Arinsa | No government, even with the frail parliamentary minority enjoyed by the Pedro Sanchez administration, can allow itself the luxury of forgetting the current duality of contract in the labour market.

Spain’s Strong Labour Market Dynamics In 2015

BARCLAYS | 2015 was a surprisingly strong year for the Spanish labour market. Social security affiliations increased by 533k while the number of unemployed fell by 354k, according to figures released by the Ministry of Employment. December delivered another sizeable drop of 55.8k in registered unemployment and an increase of 85.3k in social security affiliations relative to November.