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The Silent Reform Of Pensions

Fernando González Urbaneja | Spain has a priority, essential employment problem: high chronic unemployment and job insecurity. Both of these are among the essential causes of a blushing inequality, among the worst in Europe. Then, to complicate the solutions, comes the problem of the high public deficit, which has increased over the last decade as an inevitable inevitability. A debt aggravated by its dependence on external financing with a bias towards instability. At the heart of this debt is the chronic deficit accumulated over the last decade in the pension system, which widens its deficit every year.

Spain's liabilities have not lost purchasing power, they have gained it

For Those Who Say There Is Indeed Money For Spanish Pensioners

Spanish pensioners are on the brink of war. The group which has been the support for families during the 10 years of crisis, and has saved the country from social conflict, received a letter from the Labour Minister, Fátima Bañez, at the beginning of the year. Despite the fact CPI is now over 1.5%, she said she was maintaining the 0.25% increase in the pensions.