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Bank Of Spain Issues a Warning: An Incomplete Recovery With Uncertainties

Fernando González Urbaneja | The Bank of Spain’s Annual Report, usually issued in May/June, is the canonical report for economic experts, the one used as a reference for all those who want to have an informed opinion. This does not mean that it is infallible, but it does mean that it is reliable and trustworthy. Some of the all-knowledgeable people who take up space on television this morning said that…

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Spain Has Executed Less Than A Third Of The European Recovery Funds, Some 6.5 Bn Euros, According To FEDEA.

FEDEA (Fundación de Estudios de Economía Aplicada) analyses existing information on the implementation and execution of investment projects and aid programmes included in the Recovery Plan (RP) and financed by the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRM). So far, programmes and projects representing about one third of the planned expenditure have been launched, but with significant differences between headings. Of the 24 billion of RRM funds budgeted for 2021, 20…

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European Funds Get Bogged Down in Bureaucracy

According to El Periódico, “the excessive expectations that had been created about a rapid arrival of European money to the Spanish economy are colliding with bureaucracy and the lack of communication between administrations and companies”. The Ministry of Finance claims that 60.9% of the funds planned for this year have already been authorised – through the Council of Ministers and the different sectoral conferences – and that 25.5% of the…

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Spain’s Scrabble-Shaped Recovery: W, K, V… Or Delta?

CaixaBank Research | Over the coming months, the pandemic will continue to be the major determining factor for the outlook. The immunisation of age groups over 50, which represent 90% of all hospitalisations, is expected to be completed within the next few weeks. With the emergence of new and potentially more contagious strains – such as the Delta variant – rapid progress in the vaccination roll-out will be vital in alleviating pressure on the health system while achieving a sustained revival in economic activity.

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Spanish recovery: PM Rajoy fights to sell optimism in electoral year

BARCELONA | By Joan Tapia | Markit analysts point out the positive impact of the wage reductions that increase the competitiveness of Spanish products and help export. If Europe pulls the cord – as the PMI show- the economy could accelerate in the coming months. The Government exaggerates these data (reforms, foreign capitals inflow, and European growth) to underline that the economy will create jobs in 2014 while other analysts – more independent or from other political areas – show more caution.

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Everyone Praises Reforms in Spain But What About Structural Problems?

MADRID | By Jaime Fernández Santisteban | After months at the centre of controversy, Spain is making headlines about recovery and everyone seems to be bullish on the country. Spain is almost back to pre-crisis levels, says IMF’s Lagarde. But is it? What has changed then? Marta Soria and Rebeca Gimeno are a couple of journalist-economists behind Economía en dos tardes, a blog bringing economy and business closer to people. They shared with The Corner TV their outlook for the year that is just beginning. 


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To Wall Street’s Favorite Media, Spain Looks Quite Sexy Again

NEW YORK | By Ana Fuentes | Remember when Spain’s sovereign debt was smashing to a euro-era record high? Just 18 months ago Wall Street market makers as well as their favorite media expressed their suspicious about non-performing loans, the Spanish banks’ health, and government reforms. Pundits even talked about a Spain leaving the euro after the “Grexit”. Goldman Sachs was sure that “the worst” was yet to come and claimed that the country “should ask for a “Spailout.” But things have changed and now it’s time for the ‘mea culpa’ and the “may be it wasn’t that bad.” Investors are showing interest in Spain and headlines talk about growth, exports boom and the country getting back on its feet bank’s bailout.