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The 12,000 Spanish SMEs Selling On Amazon Exported €650 M In 2020, 30% More Yr-on-Yr

Amazon published yesterday the “Report on the impact of Amazon on Spanish SMEs 2021,” where it flags that the 12,000 Spanish small and medium-sized companies sellling on Amazon have registered more than 650 million euros in exports in 2020. This is an increase of more than 30% compared to the previous year. In addition, they have created more than 30,000 jobs in Spain and another 3,000 abroad. Despite the difficulties…

Spanish SMEs provide jobs for 71% of social security contributors

Only 15% Of Spanish SMEs Will Create Employment In 2021

According to information gathered from nearly 1,000 SMEs throughout the country by the General Council of Economists (CGE) and the Faedpyme Foundation, with the collaboration of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, only 15.4% of Spanish SMEs believe that they will create jobs this year, while 74.9% believe that they will maintain them and 9.6% that they will reduce them.

The effects of the crisis on Spanin's businesses' productivity and competitiveness remain

The size of Spain’s companies is an unnecessary drag on the economy

In the corporate world, size is also important. One of the areas still pending reform in Spain, and one of the economy’s biggest weaknesses, is the size of companies. According to studies published by groups like the Circulo de Empresarios (Circle of Entrepreneurs) or research institution Fedea, Spain’s GDP would grow 13-15% if the average size of its companies was closer to that of neighbouring countries like Germany or the UK.

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On the path to normalizing the credit market

MADRID | The Corner | The Spanish Confederation of  Small- and Medium-Sized Companies (CEPYME) points to a “nascent trend” towards a normalization of  credit markets, which will permeate down to the real economy over the course of next year. 


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Spanish SMEs craving for credit upturn

MADRID | By José S. Mendoza at Capitalmadrid | Spain retailers sales rate fell by 2% last July compared to year ago. It’s already been 37 months – plus 3 years – of consecutive annual declines for them, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics. The Federation of autonomous workers ATA warns that the retail sector is experiencing a really difficult situation, with a constant and continuous fall of sales and job losses.