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Stimulus, bitte!

MADRID | The Corner | The eurozone’s inflation slipped in September to its lowest level since October 2009 (0.3%), raising fears of an eventual third recession in six years. Prices have been now been in the ECB’s “danger zone” of below 1% for 12 consecutive months. And yet Germany, the biggest economy in the EZ,  is torn between deficit control and growth, relieved with a weak euro helping its exports but worried about the same depreciation policy leading to less pressure to implement reforms in countries like France.


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ECB stimulus speculations keep circulating

MADRID | The Corner | The expectation that the ECB will finally announce a QE program after Draghi’s words at Jackson Hole and the confirmation that the ECB would have hired Blackrock for advice on launching a ABS program continue to nurture the Eurozone bond rally and thereby the credit one. Yesterday many bond markets in Europe returned to record lows with improvements in 10 years of 3bp (Germany), 2.5bp (Spain) and 2bp (Italy).