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Dormant systemic risk, buoyant geopolitical risk

Yves Bonzon (Julius Baer) | Some investors and market commentators have interpreted the recent and persistent tensions in overnight repo markets in the US as a potential early warning signal of trouble. They draw parallels with the early warnings in credit market in 2007 right before the Great Financial Crisis. The current situation could actually not be more different: same symptoms, but very different cause.

Change of cycle to cyclical stocks to defensive

JP Morgan just can’t agree

While the US bank’s chief economist in pointing to systemic risks, financial bubbles and market complacency, his colleagues in Spain believe “this tale about market manipulation is not real.”

European H2 earnings

Financial regulation: Beyond post-2008 ‘fix’

July 11, 2015 | By Simon Zadek and Christian Thimann via Caixin | A financial system for the 21st century should account for five warning signals that have not been addressed by current policy and regulatory frameworks.