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Talgo secures financing for €280-million contract for construction and maintenance over 15 years of seven night trains in Egypt

Renta 4: According to press reports, the Egyptian House of Representatives has approved the financing for the project awarded to Talgo in 2022 for the construction of seven night trains, as well as their maintenance for 15 years. The contract is worth €280 million, of which €200 million corresponds to the construction of the trains and the rest to maintenance work. Assessment: We consider the news to be positive as…

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Spanish Small & Medium Midcaps: Talgo

Alfonso de Gregorio (Gesconsult) | Talgo is a value investment. Its stock price its attractive and it has huge possibilities of winning new contracts which would really boost the company’s valuation. Amongst the risks facing the company, there is the scarcity of contracts in the period 2015-2016, which has generated a certain lack of confidence in the company’s ability to win new contracts.