Talgo's AVE contract with Renfe

Good news for Talgo and CAF: Adif to start second phase of long-distance rail liberalisation

Renta 4 | Adif has announced that it will start the second phase of the liberalisation of long-distance rail transport. The lines to be put out to tender are those to Murcia, Galicia, Extremadura, the Basque Country and Asturias. Renfe, Iryo, Ouigo, Eco Rail, Euskotren and FGC have already expressed interest in participating in this contract. One of the key points is that Adif will include in the tender the…


Talgo to make the first Talgo Avril units available to Renfe in November

Link Securities| Talgo (TLGO) will make the first units of the Talgo Avril very high-speed train available to Renfe in November. According to a statement by the company on Tuesday, they will be ready to go into commercial operation. In this sense, Talgo has indicated that the November date will be reached “provided that the other actors involved in this process comply with the deadlines they have provided Talgo with…


Talgo signs second contract with Deutsche Bahn to supply 56 trains for around €1.3 billion

BSabadell : According to press reports, Deutsche Bahn has awarded Talgo (TLGO) a contract for the supply of 56 additional trains, which it is understood are of the Talgo 230 model and which would form part of the contract it is currently executing (23 trains worth €550 million). At the prices of the first order the contract could exceed €1.3 billion (~40% of Talgo’s current portfolio). Assessment: If the news…


Ibex 35: Unicaja becomes sixth bank to join selective index on 27 December

Intermoney | The Ibex 35 Technical Committee (CAT) announced yesterday, after the market’s close, that Unicaja will join the selective index from Tuesday 27 December (the markets are closed on Monday 26). Unicaja will replace Siemens Gamesa after the successful takeover bid launched by the latter’s parent company. At the same time, Unicaja’s entering the Ibex 35 means that Talgo will join the Ibex Medium Cap index, replacing the bank….


Saudi Arabia will extend its very-high-speed trains supply contract with Talgo

Renta 4 | Saudi Arabia will extend the contract it has with Talgo for the supply of very-high-speed trains, according to press reports. The possible new contract would cover the supply of 20 new very-high-speed trains for an amount close to 800 million euros. Valuation: If this news is confirmed, we would value it very positively. The amount of the contract would double the firm’s current manufacturing portfolio of around725…

Talgo Vittal One

‘Talgo Vittal-One’ , A Spanish Train Powered By Hydrogen To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Portocolom AV | Spanish railway company Talgo is working on an innovative hydrogen train with the aim of replacing diesel-powered locomotives by 2023. With these new engines the company would replace diesel-powered ones in commuter trains and medium-distance trains, and thus take a step further on the way to climate neutrality, which Spain aims to achieve in 2050. The railway company is developing at its Rivabellosa plant in Alava the first units that will be powered by green hydrogen fuel cells supplied by Repsol. The two companies have recently signed an alliance to develop machines powered by this energy.

Talgo's high speed train

Spanish Small & Medium Midcaps: Talgo

Alfonso de Gregorio (Gesconsult) | Talgo is a value investment. Its stock price its attractive and it has huge possibilities of winning new contracts which would really boost the company’s valuation. Amongst the risks facing the company, there is the scarcity of contracts in the period 2015-2016, which has generated a certain lack of confidence in the company’s ability to win new contracts.

Talgo's AVE contract with Renfe

Talgo’s Contract With Renfe Sparks Protectionist Battles In The Europe Of The Single Market

Talgo has been the big railway company protected by all Spain’s governments. So it’s no suprise that Talgo’s Avril – with its own traction power –  has just beaten Alstom and Siemens and won the contract to build 15-high speed AVE trains for state-owned Renfe. The German company hardly even flinched, but the French had their doubts about how the calculations were made and have asked for clarification.