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AT1 CoCos Shine Amid Rising Treasury Yields

As sentiment around banks improves, and the prospect of interest rates to rise it’s become increasingly difficult to disregard the potential of AT1 CoCos. Its history of providing portfolios with some cushion in a rising rate environment is sure to be an attractive proposition for investors.


The US debt is a time bomb

By Luis Arroyo, in Madrid | Here is a consistent interpretation on the Marginal Revolution blog, by Tyler Cowen of Bernanke in 2008. It is consistent with economic and political circumstances. “How is that for self-recommending? Here in a short paragraph is my current take on where Ben Bernanke would differ from Scott. As the shadow banking system was imploding in 2008, due to a downward revaluation of collateral, nominal gdp stabilization…

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Markets love inflation

By Luis Arroyo, in Madrid | Look at the USA. In the graph above, left scale, the yields (spreads of Treasuries) of BB corporate bonds (red line), and B (green line). Right scale, blue line, inflationary expectations (type of bond at 10 years minus the same inflation protected). A functional relationship can be detected between the variations in inflation expectations and private bond yields. The higher the expected inflation, the…

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac vs. Greece

From Citigroup analysts : “Ultimately, the decision taken by the Fed was in line or even went beyond what was expected. The reinvestment of MBS debt by more than $20bn per month was good news for the real estate market, which still shows no clear signs of recovery. The IMF itself has already included in its financial stability report the possibility of going ahead with haircuts in the agencies’ debt…