Tsipras strategy

Greece's bailout program ends on Aug. 21

How Greece Sleepwalked Off A Cliff In 2009, In Black And White

Nearly a decade later, the two leading figures from Greece’s political class have been unable to lead Greece through the catharsis that is necessary. Alexis Tsipras’s strategy to gain power was to focus on a different enemy, while placing the Karamanlis era and the man himself well away from the firing line. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, meanwhile, cannot amass the courage to accept his party’s clear responsibility without qualifying it with weak excuses that seek to deflect blame.

Greece's bailout program ends on Aug. 21

A year of risk and reward for Greece

Greece enters a new year that could prove to be a watershed in its long and meandering traipse through three successive bailouts and faltering efforts to overcome the chronic weaknesses that contributed to one of the most damaging economic crises the developed world has seen.

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras

Check, Please: How Much Alexis Tsipras’s First Months Cost Greece

Greece has been let down on numerous occasions by its politicians and Tsipras has often criticised opposition parties for their role that led to the crisis in 2009 and its management subsequently. However, he must look back at those six months of 2015 and wonder what he was thinking.