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“We have such an incompetent government in the UK, incapable of building any consensus"

“We Have Such An Incompetent Government In The UK, Incapable Of Building Any Consensus”

Julia Pastor | From an English father and a Ghanaian mother, Afua Hirsch is a journalist, writer, lawyer and activist for human rights. Her first book, “Brit (ish): On race, identity and belonging”, published current year, has stirred UK historic consciousness by exploring the origin of the identity crisis that the country is suffering, and which, no doubt, has its reflection on the winding road of Brexit.

The party for Brexit, or more like the wake, has begun

What else could the UK government spend its £4.2 billion Brexit contingency fund on?

via The Conversation | The cabinet has stepped up contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit, with departments across Whitehall charged with making this a priority. Although all indications are that there is no majority in parliament for leaving without a deal, it remains a distinct possibility if no other deal can be passed before the March 29 deadline (assuming that Article 50 is not extended).


The Fuss About the UK Government’s EU Referendum Booklet

The long-awaited booklet from the British government on the forthcoming European Union (EU) referendum arrived recently in the post-boxes of 27 million households in the United Kingdom at a cost of more than £9 million ($12 million), all of which has been paid for by the taxpayer.