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Ireland exposes Spain’s closed-mindedness on Wealth Tax

Luis Alcaide | The international press is talking about 100,000 Chinese investors willing to leave part of their capital in Ireland to continue their residence in the country. The attraction is simple: one million euros in investment funds or two million euros in equity investments, with a commitment to maintain them for three years. A stay of one day per year is sufficient. Chinese from Hong Kong and the Republic…

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Wealth Tax: Spain Ready To Shoot Itself In The Foot

Luis Alcaide | In most European states the wealth tax has been abolished. Only France has kept it for the taxpayer, but without physically suffocating the taxpayer. Another thing is the municipal taxes on property tenure, which exist almost everywhere in the world. The latter are key to local budgets, based on the occupation of a municipal space and in return for the services of police and real estate surveillance,…

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Top One Percent Has One Third of China’s Wealth, Research Shows

BEIJING | By Zhou Dongxu (Caixin) | China’s income inequality is relatively high, and its wealth inequality, as measured by the Gini index, is greater than its income inequality. The U.S.’ income inequality index is lower than China’s, but its wealth inequality is higher – Its Gini coefficient for household wealth was 0.8, compared with China’s 0.73. This is because the United States has a relatively mature market economy, where wealth has been accumulated slowly through income and investment. Many in China, however, own homes allocated to them by the government. As those homes’ value increased, so did their wealth.

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Rich, filthy rich and ultra rich in the UK

LONDON | Even Ledbury Research, a specialised market intelligence agency that on Thursday released fresh data on the wealthiest few of the British society, acknowledges how tough the task of gaining access to their detailed information is. Yet, the rich hold a vast share of consumer influence and, obviously, economic power in their countries, so it is worth making the effort. What the Wealth Size report brought is a tale…