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Absenteeism rate rises to 6% in 3Q23: 1.27 million employees miss work every day, according to Randstad

More than 1.27 million employees are absent from work every day. The level of absenteeism thus stands at 6% of the agreed hours, which represents four tenths more than a year earlier, according to the ‘Report on absenteeism in the third quarter of 2023’, published on Wednesday by Randstad. According to the report – based on the Quarterly Survey of Labour Costs of the National Institute of Statistics – absenteeism…


Working From Home In Germany Settles At 1.4 Days Per Week (1.6 USA, 1.3 Spain, 2 UK…)

ifo | The amount of time full-time employees work from home in Germany has leveled off at an average of 1.4 days per week since the pandemic – compared to 1.3 days in neighboring France, 1.6 days in the US, and 1.1 days in Japan. This means that Covid-19 has had a severe and lasting effect on working conditions. That is the finding of a comparative study of 27 countries…


Do you rather get a bonus or a pingpong table?

Several weeks ago we dedicated our summer series’ interview to talk about gamification as a productivity and staff engagement booster. But there are other techniques to make office life more interesting or compelling. Decent health plans, employee tuition reimbursement, work life balance and a good year end bonus are some of the top-tens for employees. For others, a young, modern philosophy is a must. That’s one of the reasons Google…