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Shaun Riordan is a former British diplomat who served in New York, Beijing and Madrid, as well as the Departments of Counter-Terrorism and Yugoslavia in the Foreign Office. He is president of BideDao International Consulting, as well as a senior visiting fellow of the Clingendael Institute in The Hague and advisor on public diplomacy to the UN Sustainable Development Goals Fund. He is author of "The New Diplomacy" and "Cyberdiplomacy".

The Geopolitics of Turkey’s Currency Crisis

Shaun Riordan | The currency markets seem to have given the Turkish Lira a temporary respite. But the underlying problems remain the same: an unsustainable current account deficit; excessive dependence on foreign currency denominated (especially dollar denominated) debt; and high inflation.

Trump Kim Summit aimed at mid-term elections

After Singapore, Europeans Must Take Responsibility For Their Own Future

Shaun Riordan | Trump’s behaviour at the Singapore Summit with Kim Jung Un has little to do with foreign policy, or indeed North Korea. Like his attacks on allies at the G7 Summit last week, it is aimed at the mid-term elections for Congress. Long-time US allies count for little compared to Trump’s domestic political needs. Europe must take responsibility for its own future.

Spain Is Not Italy

Shaun Riordan | The motion of censure against Spanish Prime Minister and the election of socialist leader Sanchez as his successor has briefly spooked markets. But in the end it may make less difference than it seems at first sight.

A no-confidence motion has removed Mr Rajoy from Spain's government

Why The Basque Nationalists Decided Rajoy’s Fate

Shaun Riordan | The fate of Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy was in the end settled by the five votes of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV). Until yesterday´s debate in the Congress, Rajoy was confident that the Basques, who last week voted in favour of the 2018 budget, would abstain. This would have denied socialist leader of the absolute majority he needed to eject Rajoy from the Moncloa Palace. But this time the Basque Nationalist Party had other priorities.

Companies buy political risk reports for their international operations

Why Political Risk Reports May Be of Limited Value

Analysts increasingly talk of a VUCA world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Companies are waking up to the political and geopolitical threats to their international operations. But too often they limit their response to buying political risk reports on the countries they are operating in, or thinking of entering.

Brexit takes toll on UK's international clout

Brexit: Into The Unknown …

Shaun Riordan | The British have voted decisively to leave the EU. The demographics of the referendum suggest that ordinary voters wanted to give the metropolitan elite kicking. For the British, this was their Trump moment. But now begin the months and years of uncertainty. This is not a single event which markets can price in, but rather a process which will continue to drive volatility in currency and equity markets for the foreseeable future.