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Is the bitcoin rising a bubble?

Bitcoin From A Market Monetarist Perspective

The Irish border role in Brexit

What’s In An Irish Border?

Nikos Skoutaris via Macropolis | So, what’s in a border? Conventional wisdom suggests that borders divide people, societies, states, economies and legal systems. In the case of Brexit, however, the Irish border might just become the pulling factor that could keep (at least a part of) the UK in a close relationship with the EU.

NAFTA negotiations

NAFTA Negotiations At A Standstill

In the fifth round of renegotiations regarding the modernisation of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, no progress was made on the major points of contention. Now the sixth round will take place in Washington in December 2017. While this is not AXA IM’s central scenario, there is still a risk that the negotiations break down.

Brexit deal end with six month of hard negotiations

Brexit: May Gets Deal, But The Most Difficult Part Still Lies Ahead

Last Friday, the UK and the European Union finally presented a 15-page exit deal, ending six months of tedious negotiations. According to Julius Baer’s analysts “it was the breakthrough UK Prime Minister May needed so badly”, but looking at the details, “the deal contains some serious political stumbling blocks.”

UN Forum of Human Rights 2017

When Business Meets Human Rights

Mara Tignino and Antonella Angelini | Since its establishment in 2012, the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights has been the global standard for preventing and addressing adverse impacts on human rights connected to business activity.

European SMEs

European SMEs warhorse is now debt reduction

Financing is no longer a priority for European SMEs. In fact, it has not been for a long time now. In this way, with cheap and extensive bank financing as a base, the SMEs can focus on their business.

Unicaja an investment opportunity

Spanish Small & Midcaps: Unicaja

Unicaja Banco offers a good investment opportunity which we consider is interesting from a price angle. UC is trading at a discount close to 50% – in terms of Price/Tangible Book Value – with respect to the main domestic banks (Caixabank, Bankia and Sabadell).