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Libor Is Double The Levels Of Last April Promoting Further Deleveraging

The market behaviour in Q2 continues to be one of de-risking, says Mark Tinker Head of Framlington Equities Asia. “It is clear that the noise traders who came so enthusiastically into equity markets around the turn of the calendar year have gone again before the start of the new financial year, taking their leverage with them”, he explains.

US against Europe economy: a temporary brake on activity in Q1'18

US Against Europe Economy: A Temporary Brake On Activity In Q1’18

The reasons behind the cooling off in activity on both sides of the Atlantic during Q1’18 are more important than the cooling off itself. In fact, the characteristics of these reasons are those which allow us to have confidence about the improvement in activity in the spring in both the US and Europe.

Repsol's plan of acquisitions

Repsol Plans To Invest Up To €3 Bn In Acquisitions

Repsol is making progress with the preparation of its new strategic plan which it will unveil on June 7. It aims to earmark 2.5-3 billion euros for acquisitions, compared with the 3.82 billion which it will obtain from the sale of its stake in Gas Natural to CVC.



Germany's fiscal policy

Germany: A Change In Direction For Fiscal Policy

One of the strategic points in the agreement of GroKo III is fiscal policy. After three years in «austerity mode» it now seems to be changing direction. CaixaBank’s economists analyse this in more detail.