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Spain’s Banks Only Have About 35% Of Toxic Assets Left To Eliminate From Their Portfolios

Toxic, unproductive or problematical, or however you want to call those assets which were the ruin of the Spanish banks, are not easy to get rid of. Assets linked to the property bubble reached over 300 billion euros at the worst point of the crisis, between 2011 and 2012. But thanks to the lenders’ huge efforts, the last official figure from the Bank of Spain stands at 190 billion euros.

German equities performance

German Equities – What Else?

On January 23rd, Germany’s Dax jumped to a new record high. But after no more than eight trading days, the German benchmark index lost over 7%, wiping out all year-to-date gains. Deutsche Bank AM’s reaction is optimistic instead: Its preference of German equities is the healthy macroeconomic environment and state of German corporations. On a 2-year horizon, the Dax could even climb to 15,000 points.

A period of stagflation waas seen in the 80's

Are We Going To Be Talking About Stagflation Once Again?

After US inflation beat estimates in January, it’s likely the market will end up putting even more emphasis on the possibility of seeing inflation rates higher-than-expected months ago, or even stagflation. And, unfortunately, this will continue to spark potential over-reactions which would give way to strong, quick movements.

The sale of Telefonica's share in 02 is unblocked

Telefonica’s O2 Share Sale Finally Unblocked

The UK Court of Appeal has dismissed a demand from Three which blocked the new frequencies auction (planned for Autumn 2017), in turn blocking Telefonica’s share sale of O2. This is positive news for Telefónica as it means that it eliminates a practical hurdle for the company to be able to carry out the O2 share sale in the UK, raising funds to cut its debt.

India enters the era of Sanatan socialism

India Enters the Era of Sanatan Socialism

Atul Singh and Manu Sharma | The Indian government’s latest budget courts the poor with an indigenous brand of socialism that relies on financial transfers and private provision of services in an election year.