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Too many questions on Brexit – no trivial solution for an unknown territory

Too Many Questions On Brexit – No Trivial Solution For An Unknown Territory

Theresa May’s defeat in the British Parliament is historic with a gap of 230 votes (432 votes against 202 against). What can happen? We all have in mind a scheme with all the alternatives. Can Theresa May still be credible after her terrible defeat? We can imagine general elections but who will take the 10 Downing Street?

Household savings rate at historical lows

Spanish Household Savings Rate At Historical Lows

The Spanish economy capacity for financing abroad has contracted in annual terms to 2015 lows, points Bankia Estudios, in the process undermining the process of deleveraging when global indebtedness still remains at excessive levels.In the case of households, even if disposable income has seen a big increase as a result of the recovery in wages, the greater rhythm in consumption has led to a new fall in savings.

Spain retains its 27 year world leadership in organ donation and transplants

Spain Retains Its 27 Year World Leadership In Organ Donation And Transplants

The rate of Spanish donors is the highest in the world, and its transplant system the best. In the last five years Spain has registered the greatest increase in donors since 1989, achieving in 2018 a rate of 48 donors for every million inhabitants, 2,243 in total, and for the 27th consecutive being the world leader in donations and transplants, according to the latest balance of activity from the National Transplant Organisation (ONT), presented this week by the Ministry of Health.

Monte Dei Paschi reacts to the ECB notification with its largest fall since May

Monte Dei Paschi Reacts To The ECB Notification With Its Largest Fall Since May

The flood of negative news about Italian banks continues. The shares of Banco Dei Paschi di Sienna (BMPS) fell -10.2% to 1.35€/share after receiving a request from the ECB to improve its solvency ratios. The central bank sees risks which affect the bank’s profitability and financing, but the Italian Economics Minister, Giovanni Tria, comments that “Italian banks do not have major problems”.

Brexit: Moment of truth for withdrawal deal –and for May

The Moment Of Truth For Brexit Withdrawal Deal- And For Theresa May

Finally, Britain’s House of Commons will vote on the divorce deal with the European Union, today at 19:00 local time. PM Theresa May postponed the vote, originally set for 11 December, due to its lack of support in parliament. Analysts at Julius Baer believe a failed deal will not inevitably lead to the hard no-deal Brexit that many fear. Furthermore, an alliance seeking a softer Brexit, or to abort Brexit, optionally using a second referendum, may take control of the process.

Why 2019 could be the year of another tech bubble crash

Why 2019 Could Be The Year Of Another Tech Bubble Crash

| When the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 it sent significant numbers of businesses to the wall. Investment banks had been encouraging enormous investment in dot-com ventures by launching Initial Public Offers (IPOs) allowing investors and entrepreneurs to cash in on vast fortunes by selling off shares in their companies.

Euro area growth: neither very fast nor particularly slow

Euro Area Growth: Neither Very Fast Nor Particularly Slow

Following a truly exceptional 2017, the growth of the euro area dropped down a gear in the first half of 2018. Although this raised some suspicion, it was attributed to temporary factors (colds, strikes, meteorology, etc.). However, the pace of growth in Q3 was much lower, and this has already triggered some alarms. In this article, CaixaBank Research will study to what extent should we be worried.

An Overview of China’s Pension System

A combination of proper pension reforms, better allocation of state and private-sector assets, and greater utilization of new technologies can help China to defuse the demographic bomb and mitigate the ageing shock for its economy and society. Analysts at AXA IM briefly summarises the pillars of China’s pension system.

The “R” club is recruiting

The “R” Club Is Recruiting

Germany is on track for a technical recession, like Italy. Growth should return in 2019, but slower EM means slower Germany.The main calls for 2019 suggested by the analysts of BoAML are the euro area inflation at 1.0% on average, tricky for the ECB but good for purchasing power. These following are their arguments: