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Does the 2019 Budget benefit the Spanish economy?

Does The 2019 Budget Benefit The Spanish Economy?

Juan Carlos Martínez Lázaro in The Conversation | The 2019 budget is very well designed from a political point of view, as it is a tool for prolonging the legislature. More questionable is that this budget will be a tool for “driving productivity and strengthening solid growth”. Many more things would be needed to transform the Spanish productive model which, although it hurts us, remains the same as what we had before the crisis.

The challenge for Spanish banks in 2019: improve profit margins, still at historic lows

The Challenge For Spanish Banks In 2019: Improve Profit Margins, Still At Historic Lows

The ratings agency Standard & Poors predicts more mergers among medium sized Spanish banks. S&P also 2019 toxic assets on the balance sheets will continue to be reduced and that the main challenge will remain improving profit margins which remain at historic lows. In fact it is this low profitability which will drive consolidation this year which will help achieve synergies, economies of scale and cost cutting.

Household savings rate at historical lows

Spanish Household Savings Rate At Historical Lows

The Spanish economy capacity for financing abroad has contracted in annual terms to 2015 lows, points Bankia Estudios, in the process undermining the process of deleveraging when global indebtedness still remains at excessive levels.In the case of households, even if disposable income has seen a big increase as a result of the recovery in wages, the greater rhythm in consumption has led to a new fall in savings.

Spain retains its 27 year world leadership in organ donation and transplants

Spain Retains Its 27 Year World Leadership In Organ Donation And Transplants

The rate of Spanish donors is the highest in the world, and its transplant system the best. In the last five years Spain has registered the greatest increase in donors since 1989, achieving in 2018 a rate of 48 donors for every million inhabitants, 2,243 in total, and for the 27th consecutive being the world leader in donations and transplants, according to the latest balance of activity from the National Transplant Organisation (ONT), presented this week by the Ministry of Health.

Spain proposes trading in nuclear permits for others in renewable energy

Spain Proposes Trading In Nuclear Permits For Others In Renewable Energy

The Spanish Government will not prolong the useful life of any of the nuclear plants in Spain beyond 40 years, so that it will prioritise the closure of plants of this period. To incentivise the closure of these plants, it has proposed giving the owners more fiscal advantages when obtaining permits for developing renewable energy.

Spanish banks credit lending

Spanish banks NPLs fall +60% since the highs of 2013

J.L. M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | Según los datos publicados la semana pasada por el Banco de España la tasa de morosidad cayó en octubre hasta un 6,08%, 1,7 puntos más baja que en diciembre y muy por debajo del 8,41% de hace un año.


Is the surplus in Spain´s external sector sustainable?

Is The Surplus In Spain’s External Sector Sustainable?

Spanish think tank Funcas points out that around 60% of the historic improvement in the current account balance comes from the adjustment of cyclical factors, in particular, the economic cycle and the evolution of the oil price, and 40% can be attributed to structural reasons: the process of fiscal consolidation, the ageing population, lower long term growth expectations and gains in competitivity.