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Spain public employment

Spain Creates Net Public Sector Employment For First Time Since 2008

Last week the Spanish government announced an offer of nearly 20,000 jobs in the public sector. The offer consists of: 10,318 free entrance posts in the General State Administration and the Justice Administration, as well as a further 5,350 internal promotion posts. There is also a one-time offer of public sector employment involving 4,285 newly created jobs in priority sectors where there is a “deficit” like the Inland Revenue Office, Social Security, Work Inspection and National Identity Document and National Traffic offices.

Uber spreading across Europe

Uber’s Spanish Headache

If you’ve had trouble hailing a cab on the streets of Madrid, Barcelona or many other cities in Spain recently, there’s a good chance it was because of a taxi drivers’ strike. There have been a number of these in recent months, all with the same aim: to halt the expansion of ride-sharing firm Uber.

Spanish SMEs lack of clients

Spanish SMEs still need clients but their access to funding has improved

J. L. M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) |What is the main concern for Spain’s SMEs? The lack of clients. This is what they have revealed in the latest survey published by the ECB, covering the period from October 2016 to March 2017. And what about financing? It was once again the least of its worries, something which has been the case since the start of the year.

Bank of Spain's supervisory actions

Bank of Spain Gives Itself 10 Out Of 10 For Its Supervisory Actions During The Banking Crisis

The Bank of Spain’s report on the financial and banking crisis in Spain has left the sensation that the institution, by action or by omission, has failed in its supervisory responsabilities and allowed practically all Spanish lenders to operate without any kind of control. The worst thing is that situation has continued. The bank has been the but of heavy criticism for how it acted with respect to Banco Popular’s resolution.

Bank of Spain's report on Spanish banking crisis

The real clues to the Spanish banking crisis

The main shortcoming of the Bank of Spain’s report on the Spanish banking crisis lies in its lack of a convincing analysis of the reasons why banks proved so vulnerable. It identifies their excessive exposure to residential mortgages, as well as their heavy reliance on external financing. But it fails to plainly set out what went wrong with the world’s financial sector.

CNMV's short-selling ban on Liberbank

The Doubtbul Reach Of An Exceptional Move: Spain’s Watchdog Deals With The Short-Sellers

Fernando Rodríguez  | The suspension on short-selling in Liberbank, which the CNMV has enforced for a month, has not left stock market players indifferent. Experts, fund managers, traders, analysts and lawyers, traditionally opposed to interference in the workings of the capital markets, are doubtful about the reach of such an exceptional measure. At the same time, they support the usefulness of the short-sellers.

Spanish mortgages lending

When Will Mortgage Lending Stop Declining?

J.L.M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) Data on the Spanish property market reveals the same trend as over the last few months: a moderate recovery in prices, at the same time as sales continue (adjusted for the 2016/2017 calendar difference with respect to Holy Week)