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August has been really bad for employment in Spain

Black Friday For Employment In Spain

This year the end of summer has not just been bad but really bad for the Spanish labour market. The number of unemployed in Spain increased in August by 47,047. To find a similar rise in August you have to go back to 2011. Also the number of people that signed up to social security fell by 202,996, the worse data for August since 2008. Finally, the day 31 August became the one when the most jobs were destroyed in history.

Is Spain importing so much again?

Is Spain Importing So Much Again? (II)

Caixabank Research | Spanish imports could be growing because of the composition effect, through which the components of demand of greater import intensity increase their weight in total demand, or because the import intensity of each component is increasing, which would be more worrying.

Spain importing so much again

Is Spain Importing So Much Again? (I)

Caixabank Research | Since the beginning of 2012 Spain has accumulated a trade surplus in goods and services which is helping reducing the large deficit in net international investment. But it has not always been like this.


Left opposition party threatens the Spanish government to derail the coming budget

The Spanish Government Tax Drive Bogs Down

JP Marín-Arrese | The attempt to tax banks, large corporations and targeted polluters for filling the pension gap and increasing covering social spending, seemed a cunny initiative squaring the circle. On top of getting extra money, imposing a burden on the well-off always prompts widespread popular support. An outcome all the more welcome when the general elections loom close ahead.

How to reduce job insecurity in Spain

Arinsa | No government, even with the frail parliamentary minority enjoyed by the Pedro Sanchez administration, can allow itself the luxury of forgetting the current duality of contract in the labour market.