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Spain's reforms

Leave The Reforms Already Implemented In Spain Alone!

A survey by the Family Business Institute, which groups the big Spanish companies together, and the CIS’ economic confidence barometer show that people are confident about the outlook for the economy. But the political panorama is a different story. They are more wearied by the political tension and corruption than by the conditions of their daily lives.

Spanish housing market

Spanish Housing Prices Could Rise By As Much As 4%

Non-subsidised Spanish housing prices grew 0.9% on as quarterly basis and 2.2% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2017, according to the statistics on the tax valuation of houses published by the Public Works Ministry. Minister Iñigo de la Serna flagged that it’s the eight consecutive quarter with price rises, although he ruled that there is an overheating in the sector.

Spanish banks

Consensus divided over Spanish banks Q1’17 results

Fernando Rodríguez |The first quarter results from the Spanish banks have fuelled rises in the majority of their stock prices. But analysts are divided over the future market performance of a sector which is showing some lights, like a decline in provisions, but also a few shadows, such as weak profitability.