In Spain

Spanish housing market

Impact of Brexit on Spain’s housing sector recovery

CaixaBank Research | Spain’s property sector is on the up and up again, as can be seen from the trend in housing purchases over the last two years. These have been rising at double digit rates, fuelled by a recovery in the jobs market combined with favourable financial conditions.

MIFID2 and financial advisors

Growing doubts over the impact of MIFID2 for investors

After MIFID1, which was launched 10 years ago with the aim of improving investor protection, MIFID2 (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) is now on its way, bringing even more meticulous and demanding operating objectives and rules.

Spain IPOs are successful

Spain IPOs do work: six out of the last seven have had a positive outcome

In Spain, there has been a kind of urban legend that IPOs don’t work and investors end up losing money. This has possibly been the case in the past, but not now. And perhaps this is because most of the current IPOs are almost exclusively aimed at institutional investors, so operations need to be more fine-tuned.