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Bank of Spain's report on Spanish banking crisis

Omissions In The Bank Of Spain’s 2017 Report On Spain’s Financial And Banking Crisis

Pablo Fernández | The “Report on the financial and banking crisis in Spain, 2008-2014” published by the Bank of Spain last May is 252 pages long, but omits important facts and dates. The most surprising thing is that it seems to assume that the financial and banking crisis in Spain was the result of “contagion” from the ‘”international financing crisis”.

Spain's tourism things to improve

What Spain’s tourism industry should keep an eye on

The tourism sector plays a very important role in the Spanish economy. And its prospects are positive looking ahead to the coming years, based on the different statistics available. That said, there are various elements which should make us reflect on whether the Spain’s tourism business is as well focused as it could be and if it is adapting easily to a changing reality.