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Gustavo Matias
Gustavo Matías, Doctor of Economics and Business and graduate in Media Studies, is Professor of Economic Structures, Economic Development and International Institutions at the Autonomous University of Madrid. He directed for ten years the first Spanish PhD course on New Economics of the Information & Knowledge Society.

Trump policies

“The Positive Side Of Trump’s Policies Is Reflation”

Gustavo Matías |Donald Trump’s victory has been welcomed by the markets but it has opened the door to a new scenario of uncertainty for monetary policies. President of Renta 4 Bank Juan Carlos Ureta believes that interest rate hikes are now urgent to achieve “monetary normalisation”.


Commodities: volatility or the end of a supercycle?

By Gustavo Matías | Despite a 30% drop between January and June, fundamentals are betting on a tight offer of commodities, but hot money is fleeing. Paper pulp prices are the strongest at their highs, energy refuses to lower down, and drinks, food and minerals are plummeting.