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The Corner has a team of on-the-ground reporters in capital cities ranging from New York to Beijing. Their stories are edited by the teams at the Spanish magazine Consejeros (for members of companies’ boards of directors) and at the stock market news site Consenso Del Mercado (market consensus). They have worked in economics and communication for over 25 years.

Sorpresa! Spanish exports grow faster than Germany’s

By Luis Alcaide, in Madrid | In 2011 Spanish exports of goods recorded the highest point after a period of intense growth since 2008. An increase of 16.8% in 2010 has been followed by a positive rate of 15.4% in the last year. The value of exports in 2011 reached the figure of €214.5 billions, which represents a share of 20% of Spain GDP. This share is equivalent to that…

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Are Spanish plans to set up a sole market watchdog sound?

By Juan Pedro Marín Arrese, in Madrid | Sector regulators in Spain will melt into a single one, following the government announcement last Friday. Efficiency and savings are portrayed as the main reasons to make the move. While the first one rises a fundamental issue, reducing running costs of existing entities amounts to a trivial one. After all, cutting off expenditure by €4 million per year will not bring much…


Weekend read | Spanish innovation? Construction and food, for starters

On the blog Nada es Gratis (There’s no such thing as free a lunch), the economics professor Gerard Llobet has published an article about what he believes will represent one of the key aspects in the future of Spain. What will businesses do if, as it is predicted, the construction sector will lose weight in the post-crisis Spain? Companies will hardly be able to compete with other countries with much lower…

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Bank of China arrives to Spain for more than just sovereign debt

MADRID | As the daily newspaper El Economista published Friday, China has been intensifying its landing in Spain and has set its sight, among many other things, on the financial sector. A year and a half after the first bank of the Asian giant landed, the Bank of China, which ranks the third, has set its first step in Spain. The entity has obtained the authorisation to operate through its division established…

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LCH.Clearnet punishes Italy’s and Spain’s fiscal adjustments, markets beg to differ

The Spanish minister of Economy Luis de Guindos’ visits to London earlier this month and to Washington on Friday have borne fruit. Yield of 10-year Spanish sovereign bonds have softly fallen back to the 5pc region (it was 5.6pc), while the CDS spread in comparison to German bonds has tighten and is now 316bp from 380pb last week. The Italian 10-year bond has also behaved in a positive way, with…


Brussels gives too slick a growth forecast to be credible in Madrid

By Juan Pedro Marín Arrese, in Madrid | The European Commission has developed a masterful command in saying things it does not believe in. The latest growth forecasts stand as an example of this hollow rhetoric. Reading the small print it seems clear the Commission sticks to obviousness in conceding we are stuck in a sharp downturn. When it comes to guessing what might lie on stock for the rest of…


Amour: French love Spain, Spaniards support France’s role in euro crisis

MADRID | According to a report by the market and opinion research firm TNS Sofres about the image of France in the world,  for 72% of the French “Spain is the country they like the most.” The study, released by the French Embassy in Spain, also reveals that 66% of Spaniards are drawn to the Gallic country, 76% rate the bilateral relations as ‘excellent’ and 61% believe that these have improved…

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Italian prime minister praises Spanish labour reform

MADRID | Mario Monti explained in an interview to the daily newspaper El Mundo that the Spanish labour reform ‘goes in the direction’ of the one he wishes to implement in his country. The Italian prime minister also comments on the reforms his government has carried out in Italy, such as the pension reform and he praises the Italian people’s ‘mature attitude’ when “it came time to accepting the sacrifices that…


Much ado about nothing with Spanish evicted families

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | Perhaps the British households in economic troubles because of the crisis and the unemployment impact are mildly familiar with the words eviction or lieu of payment, but more than 150.000 Spanish families have already been evicted and another 330.000 are in the same process. They are destitute families, with all their members unemployed and no additional income, who cannot face up paying their mortgage. On…

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Untimely circumstances for undertaking reform plans

By Juan Pedro Marín Arrese, in Madrid | You don’t usually pick up the most suitable moment to undertake a widespread reshuffle of ill-functioning markets. Stiff political and social resistance leads to abandon any plan or hope to do it. As shelving problems don’t settle them, reforms are only accepted under the pressing need to redress a desperate situation. As a result, measures tend to inflict more damage and reap fewer…