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In The OECD, Only Iceland And Mexico Will Take Longer Than Spain (Three And A Half Years) To Recover From The Crisis

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Spain’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow by 5.9% in 2021 (5.7%; previous estimate), and by 6.3% in 2022 (4.8%; previous estimate). Thus, it will take three and a half years for Spain to recover its pre-crisis level of GDP per capita. Only Iceland and Mexico, of the 38 OECD member states, will take longer to recover it.

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Airbus Transforms Its Madrid’s Plant In The City Of Getafe Into Europe’s Third Largest Aerospace Facility

The European aerospace group Airbus has established its third largest industrial complex in Madrid, specifically Getafe, a city at the south of the region, becoming the company’s third centre after Toulouse and Hamburg. This involves an expansion of the Getafe centre – now renamed Campus Futura – which concentrates activities for the design, manufacture and assembly of electronic structures and equipment for space systems and civil and military aircraft.

Net wealth of European households lost in the crisis recovered; now is over seven times disposable income

The Pandemic Cuts Household Income By 3.3% And Companies’ Gross Operating Surplus By 18%

The impact of the pandemic on household accounts has been more moderate than that suffered by companies because most of the protective measures implemented by the government have been aimed at the former. In this respect, analysts at Funcas explain that the decline in the gross disposable income of households in 2020 was 3.3%, lower than that of GDP (-10.8%) and consumption (-12%). Meanwhile, the gross operating surplus of companies fell by 18%, the biggest drop in the entire historical series, and their gross disposable income fell by 17%.

Spanish banks 's 2Q18 results season will start on July 25th

Spanish Banks Lag Behind: Q4’20 Deficit Of €7.336 Bn Compared Average Of €39.6 Bn For The Banking Union

Alphavalue | Spanish banks recorded a shortfall of 7,336 million euros in 4Q20, equivalent to 0.94%, compared to the target for their minimum requirements for own funds and eligible liabilities of 29.10% of risk-weighted assets, set on average for the sector in Spain by 2024 by the SRB. These figures leave Spanish banks lagging behind the Banking Union as a whole, whose average shortfall was 0.58% or 39,604 euros million in 4Q20 with respect to the MREL target.


Should SEPI Launch A Takeover Bid For INDRA?

Fernando González Urbaneja | The INDRA case, the socialist government’s interest in occupying the company’s presidency by force, is indicative of a way of understanding public management and exercising power. “Because you are who you are”, that is, because I have the power and I feel like it. SEPI (the Treasury, the government, the PSOE-PSC) has a stake of just under 20% in INDRA that goes back a long way,…

Casablanca Platform

With The Closing Of The Casablanca Oil Platform, Spain Ends Almost 60 Years Of Oil Production

Repsol will stop producing oil in mid-June at ‘Casablanca’, the last oil platform in Spain located in the waters around the coast of Tarragona. The new Spanish Climate Change and Energy Transition Law contemplates that Spain will no longer grant new exploration authorisations, so this shutdown of Casablanca is a step towards this purpose. In 2018, the hydrocarbon field of La Lora in Burgos, the oldest oil field in Spain operating since 1964, was already forced to close.


Spain | Green Hydrogen In The Recovery Plan

Pedro Sánchez, took part in the presentation for the business project that will, this year, begin constructing a giant factory in Guadalajara. Every kg of green H2 that replaces a fossil one will avoid 9 kg of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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Spain: Spending On Pensions Rises 3% In May To A Record 10.154 Million Euros

The Social Security allocated 10.154 million euros to the payment of contributory pensions in May. This is a record figure which is 3% higher than a year earlier, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration reported on Tuesday. More than two-thirds of the pension payroll went to retirement pensions, which totalled 7.303 million euros, 3.6% more than in May last year. Widows’ and widowers’ pensions were allocated 1.74 million…

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Foreign Investors Hold 57% Of The Ibex 35

The Bank of Spain’s statistics on the balances, by holders, of Ibex 35 stocks were released today. Foreign investors held 57.21% of the value of Ibex 35 shares at end-March this year, slightly more than the 56.5% they held a year earlier. The value of their holdings amounted to 312.547 billion euros. According to data from the Bank of Spain, households own 14.2% of Ibex 35 shares, some 77 billion…


British Pension Fund USS Buys 50% Of Bruc Energy

The British group Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the largest private pension fund in the United Kingdom, has entered the renewables business in Spain with a stake in Bruc Energy, the renewables investment vehicle created by the Canadian pension fund OPTrust and the businessman and former CEO of FCC Juan Béjar.USS has bought the 50% stake of Bruc Energy for a total of €225 M. The remaining 50% of Bruc Energy will remain in the hands of the current partners.