Market chatter: goodbye to a quite unsettling quarter

Analysts point out that consumer spending will rise to 2.5% in 2Q and  it will drive US recovery. Eurozone’s inflation falls to 0.5 % in March, down from 0.7% in February and its lowest rate since November 2009. For the sixth consecutive month inflation rate has been below 1%. As you know, the ECB is willing to take action to protect economy if inflation keeps on dropping.

LINK. Macro figures would prove economic slowdown was caused by winter hardness and encourage stock markets up. / Spanish public deficit added up to 6.62 % GDP in 2013 (6.5 % commited with European Commision). Both national administration (5.49 % vs. 5.20 %) and regional administrations (1.54 % vs. 1.3 %) surpassed agreed deficit objetives. / Santander agrees to keep up the 0.6€/share dividend through the program Santander Dividendo Elección.

BANKINTER. BlackBerry performed slightly better tan expected. It lost $423M in the last term of 2013 and EPS was -0.80$/share. Market share reduces to less tan 1 % and they don’t expect benefits until 2016. / Bankinter recommends to hold shares in Yahoo! until Alibabá’s Initial Public Offering reinforces company’s value.

SABADELL estimates an increase of +24 % (+17% ytd) in traded volumes in the spanish stock market in March. The first semestre will be positive as flow to spanish equities grows and 1S13 was the worst in the last ten years.

CORTAL CONSORS finds highly likely (85 %) that the ECB won’t take measures in next Thursday’s meeting despite the deflation controversy and Bundesbank’s new approach.

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