Today’s Talk Of The Market In Spain

This is what market makers are talking about right now:

BANKINTER: Unadviced investment in Asian Markets, particularly in China, after first corporate bonds default since government accepted the trade of this assets in late 90’s. This change of outlook in China will increase yields/tier requested by investors to purchase and slowdown investment and GDP growth.

ACF: Spanish banks work on attracting SMEs, commerce, self-employed, microbusiness and comercial banking.

BANKIA. Improvement of Santander’s debt rating because of the moderate relevance of Spanish economy risk in rating definition. New emerging risks for Santander could bring a year of low profits. BBVA’s rating went up too thanks to national rating evolution and its exposure to local market. Both leverage ratio and its risk are higher than SAN’s.

SABADELL: Forescast of Deutsche Telekom’s sales (4Q13) increasing by 6 % and Orange’s sales dropping by -4,4 %.

LINK:  Investors in European markets will reap benefits today and take advantage of latest share price sharp increases.

CORTAL CONSORS/BNP PARIBAS: American TIPS evolution relates to higher gasoline prices in the last weeks. Overall, diverse expectation indicators in the U.S. lie in low inflation rate and steady perspective.

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