Felipe González: “An amnesty made by those who have themselves been amnestied is a bit strange, isn’t it? It is a self-amnesty, not an amnesty. I don’t think it’s acceptable”


“I have not left the party’s positions. They call me a dinosaur and they are right, but that allows me to say that, when I speak of the future, I do not speak of my own”… “Amnesty is intolerable, I say that as a member of an organisation that built the Constitution”… “If my party changes, I am not obliged to change. I think the same as the PSOE leadership on 23-J, even on 24 J”…

The former President of the government and one-time leader of the PSOE, Felipe González, yesterday made a public amendment to the policies of the Sánchez government. Convened by the Gregorio Peces Barba Foundation, magistrates from the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court and former ministers from all parties gathered in the CaixaForum auditorium to listen to Felipe González, who did not mince his words.

González described the latest negotiations between the government and its partners as a “spectacle”: “An amnesty made by those who have themselves been amnestied themselves. It’s a bit strange, isn’t it? It’s a self-amnesty, not an amnesty. I don’t think it’s acceptable”.

González expressed himself in a very critical and acid tone against the role that the nationalists and independentistas are playing in their agreements with Pedro Sánchez, and denounced “the amount of nonsense and barbarities” they said about the King’s speech at the swearing in of the Princess of Asturias and the attack against the Constitution, which is “ruthless and brutal”… “Now there are two majority forces. PP and PSOE have the 210 MPs needed to make the necessary reforms. Either they accept that they are condemned to understand each other or they continue to confront each other, creating walls and fictitious divisions”.

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