Government, Trade Unions Agree On Record Offer Of Public Employment, With Almost 30,000 Vacancies

3. Public debt

The Ministry of Finance and Public Administration reached an agreement with the trade unions on Monday to launch the largest public employment offer in the history of the General State Administration, with 29,578 vacancies.

As reported by the Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants (CSIF), the General Union of Workers (UGT) and Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO.), the negotiated offer does not include the State Security Forces and Corps, the Armed Forces or the Administration of Justice, as they are determined in their respective areas of negotiation.

Of the almost 30,000 vacancies, some 15,880 will be for new recruits, which is 29% more than in 2021. These specifically include 1,150 positions for new Social Security services and benefits such as the Minimum Vital Income, which do not count towards the replacement rate. Meanwhile, there will be 9,591 positions for internal promotion, 1.8% more than in 2021, and there will be more than 4,100 positions for the stabilisation processes for interim staff.