Pedro Sánchez Falls Short of Majority, But Will Likely Prevail Tuesday

Pedro Sánchez falls short of majority but will likely prevail tuesday

Atlantic Sentinel | Left-wing separatists would allow the social democrat to become prime minister a second time. Spanish Socialist Party leader Pedro Sánchez fell short of a absolute majority in Congress on Sunday to become prime minister a second time. However, left-wing separatists from the Basque Country and Catalonia have agreed to abstain from a second vote on Tuesday, which should allow Sánchez to scrape by with a majority of one. Sánchez Falls Short of Majority, But Will Likely Prevail Tuesday Sánchez, whose Socialist Party placed first in the election in November, has done a deal with the far-left Podemos and promised to restore dialogue with the ruling separatist parties in Catalonia.

How the parties voted

Sánchez has the support of his own Socialists (120), Podemos (35), the center-right Basque Nationalist Party (6), the left-wing Más País (2), Valencia’s Més Compromís (1), the center-left Galician Nationalist Bloc (1), New Canaries (1) and the new Teruel Exists party (1) = 166 (one Podemos deputy was unable to vote due to illness)
Against him are the conservative People’s Party (88), far-right Vox (52), liberal-nationalist Citizens (10), center-right Together for Catalonia (8), Navarrese People’s Union (2), far-left Popular Unity Candidacy (2), Asturias Forum (1), Canarian Coalition (1) and the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (1) = 165

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