Spain Welcomes Over 5.5 M Air travellers in October; best tourism data since the pandemic

Aena tourismInternational passengers to Spain October

CdM | In October, 5.5 million travellers from international airports arrived in Spain. This represents a rise of 533% compared with a year earlier, and a decline of 34% versus 2019. Of these, 59.1% chose low cost carriers for their journeys, up 516% from a year earlier (-33.3% vs 2019). Meanwhile, the remaining 40.9 % opted for tradional airlines, up 558% from 2020 (-35% vs 2019).

In the 10 months to October, around 26.2 million international air travellers arrived on Spanish shores, up 36.3 pct from 2020 (-68.3% vs 2019). Out of that total, 65.5% came from the European Union, recording a rise of 51.8% from a year earlier (-61.9% vs 2019). The number of travellers from the rest of the world grew by 14.1% (-76% vs 2019).

In the month of October, the markets which registered a better trend in terms of numbers of travellers to Spain compared to 2019 were Denmark, up 2.3%, showing a complete recovery, and the Netherlands (-2.2%). On the downside, the market which has recovered the least is still the UK (-44.6%). However, it generated 20% of all air passengers arriving in Spain in October, up 569% from a year earlier, with the Canary Islands and the Balearics benefitting the most.